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Instalaciones e Infraestructura

The Andean Astronomical Observatory (AAO) is a private organization dedicated to the astronomical tourism in Chile, whose objective is to reveal the wonders of the universe to its visitors, using high-technology telescopes and binoculars and built at a place where its architecture matches the natural environment. The AAO is the perfect fusion between comfort and astronomical observation. Hundreds of stars shinning in the sky, star clusters, nebulas and even galaxies are visible to the naked eye. This touristic place is one of the many astronomical observatories en Chile and it puts astronomy closer to kids and adults. If you would like to see a real observatory and discover the universe, this is the right place to visit.

The installations of the AAO are located in this beautifull place, at 8th kilometer up Farellones road, where Santiago hides behind the mountains allowing a great observation and is also only 20 minutes away by car from the eastern side of Santiago. From its beginning the AAO was thought oriented to tourism, which is why its installations are fully equipped to the visitor, having three audiovisual rooms equipped with projectors, high resolution LCD screens, blu-ray players and high quality sound systems. The AAO has a cafeteria and a great out-door space filled with tables making it very suitable for corporative events. Also, the AAO has a complete astronomical library available for the visitor.

The AAO has every detail made for the comfort of the visitor. All the infrastructure has the goal of helping the visitor to a better astronomical observing experience, with different instruments, different telescopes and a highly prepared team. The visitor will be invited to travel from the Earth out to the universe by observing and discovering the constellations, stars, clusters, nebulas, galaxies and also the wonderful Moon surface.