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Curiosity begins its journey across the surface of Mars

The Curiosity robotic vehicle for the first time has left the area around the point at which arrived at Mars on Aug. 6 for a displacement of 400 meters away, to an area that will test your drill.

The rover drove eastward about 16 meters Tuesday in his 22 Martian day since landing. The third movement of the rover has been longer than the two preceding movements of the rover together. These previous rides tested the mobility system and rover position to examine an area affected by the release of one of the engines of the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft that put the vehicle on the ground.

“This third shift really is the beginning of our journey towards the first major destination, Glenelg, nice to see a bit of Martian soil in our wheels,” said mission manager Arthur Amador, of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif. “The driving was very good, as the rover designers had planned.”

Glenelg is a location to intersect three types of terrain. Curiosity’s science team chose her as a likely place to find a white stone is suitable for drilling and analysis.

“We’re on our way, but still Glenelg is many weeks away,” said project scientist John Grotzinger Curiosity, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena. “We intend to stop a day where you just meet, but next week we will make a longer stop.”

While stopped longer at a site yet to be determined, Curiosity will test its robotic arm and touch the instruments at the end of the arm. In the place reached Tuesday, the rover’s camera mast will collect a set of images to the destination of the mission, the lower slope near Mount Sharp. A mosaic of images from the current location will be used along with the images of the mountain taken in the Curiosity landing site. Combined, they provide three-dimensional information on the characteristics and possible driving routes.

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